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Hoop Iron is flattened iron in long thin strips. They are supplied in coils with either punched or unpunched nail holes. The hoop iron has flat strapping of different thicknesses and can be galvanized or stainless steel. The sizes sold are as long as a 20kg roll with a 20mm width and 1mm in thickness.


Hoop iron is used for attaching roofing to structures and can also be used to connect brickwork to columns.
zed purlins
Our Zed Purlins are manufactured to KEBS Standards KS: 02-014. Zed Purlins have Z-Sections with one broad and one narrow range allowing the two sections to fit together.


Zed purlins are high in strength and are thus used to support roofs and walls of large industrial and commercial buildings.
roofing nails
Our Roofing Nails are manufactured according to KEBS Standards KS 72-1:2007. They have wide flat heads and short shanks and are available in different sizes. The nails are graded based on inch and gauge. The standard weight is sold in bags of 50kgs. Their length is 2.5inches and their diameter is 3.5mm.


Roofing nails are used for reinforcing iron sheets for roofing.
collated nails
AGI Collated nails are manufactured using cold power derived from renewable solar from the mission “GO GREEN”

AGI Nails are manufactured by high performance Enkotec® machineries, which ensures consistent quality. With strict quality control measures in place on site, we aim to deliver a perfect product compliant with the international (ASTM 1667) standards.

Nail Properties:
1.Nails are manufactured out of cold worked carbon steel. 2.Nail heads are round and flat
3.Nail points are consistant in measurement and guaranteed to penetrate

Available shank type: Smooth; Ring & Screw.
Available finish: Bright Vinyl coated.  

Technical Specifications

Collated Nails available in:
> 21° Plastic Collated strips
Nailer: (Interchange) NSR 83 – 21 series; (Bostitch)BTF83PL; F21PL2
> 15° Wire collated coils Nailer: (Interchange)CN80-15 Series; (Bostitch) BTF83C;N75C-1

Nailer: (Interchange) NSR 83 - 21 series;
(Bostitch)BTF83PL; F21PL2

Nailer: (Interchange)CN80-15 Series;
(Bostitch) BTF83C;N75C-1

Nail 3in X.120 Bright Smooth Diamond3" X .120"SmoothBright21 deg plasticDiamond
Nail 3in X.131 Bright Smooth Diamond3" X .131"SmoothBright21 deg plasticDiamond
Nail 3in X.120 Bright Screw Diamond3" X .120"ScrewBright15 deg wire Diamond
Nail 2-3/8" X.113" Bright Ring Diamond2-3/8" X .113"RingBright15 deg wire Diamond
Nail 3in X.120 Bright Smooth Diamond3" X .120"SmoothBright15 deg wire Diamond

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