Prime Steel Mills Ltd. is an integrated steel plant producingthe finished products from virgin steel. To accomplish this, high quality iron ore and bitumen coal is used in the rotary kiln to produce direct reduced iron. We also produce char fines briquettes from dolochar, which is a byproduct generated in the DRI process that has a calorific value around 4000 Kcl/kg. Char briquettes are an excellent source of fuel for boilers, steam generation plants, power plants, and fluidized bed boilers.

Charcoal briquettes can be used as domestic fuel as a replacement for fire wood, charcoal, husk, barn coal, oil etc. Unburnt coal fines (0-3 mm) are mixed with molasses and hydrated lime so as to form a mixture which is briquetted under pressure and dried. Due to the binder, it forms uniform size briquettes which are easy to handle and are consistent in burning. The briquettes burn smokeless and leaves ash as
residue. Compared to coal, charcoal briquettes are cheap and economical.

They are environmentally friendly as they do not produce smoke and their heating is consistent. In addition, it can be effectively tried in existing systems without any modification.

The typical data sheet showing the characteristic of charcoal,
briquettes is as follows:

  • Briquette Size: 50 mm dia X 30 mm thick
  • GCV: 3900 to 4200 Kcal /kg
  • Shutter index: No fines generation up to 2.5 meters
  • Binder: Molasses and hydrated lime
  • Burning: Burns smokeless

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E- Catalogue

Download our E- Catalogue