The Abyssinia Group has been involved in a wide variety of social projects. We have worked on Environmental protection projects including the publication of “green books”; we have participated in local and international “green events”, and worked alongside retail partners to create pleasant, eco-friendly shopping environments and innovative, eco-friendly technology. We also nurture and mentor young talent and work with local and international universities to develop sustainable production methods in various applications.

The Abyssinia Group has also donated monetary funds towards relief and reconstruction following natural disasters, women’s rights projects, girl child education and orphan support.

CSR Activities include:

  • Sponsoring the publication of “Abyssinia Go Green”
  • Sustainable Development International (SDI) “Climate Action”
  • Kenya Carbon points association
  • Friends of Nairobi National Park
  • Green Belt movement
  • Company’s commitment to increase the green belt
    around our sites to 15% of the total area
  • Community participation in growth of fruit trees


Running an environmentally friendly business is no longer an
option but a necessity that lessens the impact of its existence
on the environment and preserves natural resources. With this
mindset, we are committed to using products that reduce our
reliance on natural resources. From product development,
manufacturing, packaging and transportation, to disposal and
recycling, we ensure that our operations offer of a way of life
that substantially benefits consumers as well as the environment.

Our Environmental Policy termed “Building a
Greener and Sustainable Tomorrow”, strives to:

  • Implement pollution-free processes in the entire product
    life cycle
  • Use renewable or recyclable materials
  • Comply with environmental legislation and industry code
    of practice • Promote environmental protection awareness
    among staff and business partners

Policy Objectives

  • Better utilization of business resources
  • Business wastage recycling
  • Energy conservation
  • Operation awareness
  • Design for environment

Sustainable Development

Our internal “Design for Environment” program leads our product
development towards sustainable development. Our goal is
to make eco-friendly products that offer higher energy-efficiency,
have minimal impact on the environment, avoid hazardous
substances, and offer better durability and life expectancy
through recyclability

Download our
E- Catalogue

Download our E- Catalogue