The Abyssinia Group of Industries is the largest steel producer in
East Africa with capacity in excess of 350,000 metric tons per
annum. Using mineral resources from its own mining operations
in Homa Bay County, the Abyssinia Group is the first Integrated
Steel plant in East Africa.


To provide innovative product solutions to the construction
industry and its changing needs by recruiting, developing and
retaining outstanding people in a transparent and ethical manner
that will help grow the East African region



Subsidiary Companies


“I have been in steel since I apprenticed in it in 1968 while studying Metallurgy at Sheffield.

We bought Kenya’s first rolling mill in 1969 and have been in steel since then. I have seen steel go from a labor-intensive network to fully integrated steel mills. With over 40 years in “a life of steel” Africa has gone through tremendous change, whereby today we must demand high production and quality products.”

– AGI CHAIRMAN, Mahendra Patel

Our chairman Mr Mahendra D Patel was recognized by KAM for over 50 years of achievement and service and contribution to the steel industry.

“Ever since the establishment of Abyssinia Steel in 2007, we have sought to raise
the satisfaction levels of our customers and business partners by providing them
with innovative capabilities and services suited to the evolving times. It is this focus
on research and development that has positioned Abyssinia Steel as a leading
steel distribution company in the region, and our goal is to continue on this trend
and become Africa’s number one integrated steel trading company by 2020.
The Global and African steel industry is growing and evolving faster than it ever
has. By marshalling our group’s total capabilities, we will broadly coordinate and
collaborate to achieve a resilient corporate structure and continuous growth, no
matter what environmental changes may occur. Our corporate philosophy instills
honesty, virtue, and creativity as the basis for all our group’s activities. We go
about our day-to-day challenges knowing that as Global Citizens, it is our
obligation to contribute to society, earn its trust and become a suitable, sustainable
and superior organization.”

– AGI CEO, Jateen Patel

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E- Catalogue

Download our E- Catalogue